Rabu, 10 Juni 2015

choosing what type of roses to grow!

Some roses are easier to grow than others and each type will grow to a different size and even have different types and numbers of flowers . I like to have early success when I start a project like this, so I will almost always choose the type of roses that will build my rose growing confidence. You may like more of a challenge, so take a look at these different types of roses and see what appeals to you.

Old Garden Roses. These are my favorite as they contain some of the oldest classes of roses and come in every size. They have a strong fragrance with flowers that bloom in almost any color you like. Many of this type of rose are repeat bloomers - you get to enjoy the flowers and fragrance multiple times during the growing roses season! They are also among the hardiest of roses - they can withstand a wide variety of climate and weather changes. Sounds like a great type of rose to start with. Read more